Soldier boy

A grove of mango trees stood out seductively amongst the diverse treescape. They were astonishingly beautiful. Their dense, dark-green foliage caught the undulating headwinds like an arboreal sail. Majestic broad boughs – gnarled and cratered – creaked, and groaned under the heft of their voluptuous bounty.

A neon-green caterpillar clung on for dear life as the sheer breeze took it for a ride. Whoossshhh. The supple, jungle-green leaves fluttered recklessly. They sifted the zestfull gale like a sieve. Shiny, waxy, cuticles dazzled as they danced furiously round their dainty stems. Rain-swollen leaves rustled euphonically, whipping against each other mercilessly. Whoossshhh.

Regi loved this sound. He sealed his eyes, and listened wistfully. 

© Felix Inparajah, 2017. All rights reserved.

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